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  • An individualized monthly training running program.

  • Periodized training. according to your goals and target races. 

  • Guidance with race planning and structuring your yearly event calendar. 

  • A monthly coaching call to check-in or give feedback.

  • Frequent communication via email and Final Surge Training Platform.

  • Create a free account for athletes.

  • Build your workouts and sync across devices. 

  • Help reduce injuries and let your coach know of pain early with the Pain and Injury Report (PAIR)

  • Analyse Workout and Target Zone Details - Track your progress through pace, heart rate, power, cadence and other metrics.

  • Give Feedback, submit workout comments post sessions.

  • Bonus resources such as individual videos, images, PDFs and other files directly to workouts for athletes to view.

  • Fill out the training history form below to help me design an optimal training program for you. This form will automatically be submitted and I will get back to you as soon as possible to set up a free consultation coaching call. 

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